Netrobchuk I.M. The Estimation of Anthropogenic Loading on the Drainage-Basin Upper Pripyat in Ratno District of Volyn Region.

The five-mark scale of land ranks were used in the article for determination estimation anthropogenic loading on the drainage-basin upper Pripyat. The absolute (K1) and relative (K2) coefficient of anthropogenic loading was calculated. It was elucidate that the drainage-basin upper Pripyat belong to unbalance territory. A coefficient of ecologic stability landscapes of the valley is characterizes it’s state as conditionary stable. The lands have middle degree of agriculture use. Influence of reclamations on changing nature components drainage-basin was stated in the article. The technical state of the gidroreclamations systems was determined as satisfactory.


Hasanova N., Musayeva M. Flooding in the Downstream of the Kura River and its Implications.

The paper analyzes the maximum water discharge of flooding in the downstream of the Kura River and lower probability of maximal discharge was calculated. Were identified the damages that were caused by floods on settlements and resettlement of population, production and non-production facilities, located in the downstream of the Kura River.


Neshataev B.N. Colonization of Sumy Prydniprovya in 17-18 Centuries аnd Transformation of its Landscapes.

In is examined colonization geohistorical processes in a region and their influence on a structure and geoecological state of local landscapes.


Kornus A.A. The Approaches to Representative Network Protected Areas of Ukraine.

Efficiency of the network of protected areas is linked by direct dependence with a variety of communities and the complexity of landscape pattern and the back dependence - with a minimum number of specially protected populations and coefficient of community species composition of communities.


Bova A.V. Transformation оf the Chemical Composition of Plants in the Zone Technogenesis in Sumy Industrial Hub.

The article presents data on the levels of some trace chemical elements in plants growing in the man-made environment Sumy. Are also variational statistical indicators of metals in plants and anomaly coefficients.


Voronichev A.A., Maksimova N.B. Orientation оf Changing the Structural-Aggregate Composition of Arable Soils in Comparison With Virgin Analogs (on the Example of the Southwest of the Altai Territory).

The assessment of indicators of a structural condition of arable soils and the corresponding virgin analogs is carried out: number of air and dry units and a factor of structural properties. Features of influence of the soils’ use as a part of arable grounds on the characteristic of structural-aggregate composition are revealed.


Guzak L.І., Andrusyak N.S. Features Construction and Application of Artificial Swings on Small Rivers in National Park "Vizhnitsky"

In this paper the necessity of constructing artificial changes in small mountain rivers protected areas. Shown the importance of changes in hydraulics engineering as tools to preserve the natural state of small rivers. The technique of artificial changes and shows the projected full-scale model.


Movchan V.V. The Character of Human Pressure on Natural Complexes of the Psel Valley-River System in its Middle Flow.

In this article, a short description of some types of anthropogenic impact on the valley landscapes of the middle reaches of the Psel river and right tributary – river Grun are given.


Denysenko Z.V., Chaika V.V. The Climatic Characteristics of the Sumy District.

This paper considers the major weather parameters within the Sumy district. Author examined abnormal weather events of recent years in the study.


Prikhodko O.O., Kornus O.G. Current State of Engineering Complex in Sumy Region.

The article highlights the main features of the machine-building industry, Sumy region, problematic aspects of its development, the territorial organization. The ways to improve the level of industrial production were proposed.


Afoninа O.O. Territorial Organization оf Cultural аnd Educational Complex of Chernigiv Region.

In the article the territorial components of a cultural-educational complex of the Chernigov area are reviewed. The non-uniformity (irregularity) of development of cultural-educational complexes of miscellaneous hierarchic levels is routine.


Siutkin S.I., Panova О.О. Gender Portrait of Sumy Region.

This paper is raising topical issues of implementing gender component into all spheres of activities of daily living for increasing gender culture of Ukrainian society and elimination of gender disparities in the labor market, in government management, in the demographic sphere etc. Much attention is paid for the creation of gender geography nomenclature.


Siutkin S.I., Lugova A.S. Socio-Geographical Investigation оf Labor Market іn Sumy Region.

The article deals with socio-geographical problems of functioning of labor market in Sumy region, in particular regularities and disproportions  in intercourse of population and application spheres of labor. Peculiarities of territorial differentiation of labor market in Sumy region have reflected with zonation and typing of subregional and local labor markets.


Gavadov V.N. Economical Geographical Problems of the Development of Agrarian Industry in Guba-Khachmaz Economical Region.

In the article is explained role of agrarian sector to social-economical deve­lop­ment of country and its regions. The author has approached to deve­lop­ment of agrarian sector as ba­sic direction of the regional development. In the article is looked through existing potential and the suitable geographical position of the Guba-Khachmaz region. The author has offered to value of the natural-economical resources of the regions with pur­po­se the complete and rational usage of this potential. In the article there have been definite some offers for raising of the production of the agriculture products, for efficiently realizing of the agricultural products in the economical region of Guba-Khachmaz.


Danylchenko. O.S. Dynamics of Water Consumption in the Sumy Region.

The dynamics of water consumption is analysed in the Sumy region. The features of water consumption and overflow-pipe are found out in a region. The special attention is spared to the water intake and overflow-pipe in the cut of pools of the main rivers of region.


Holosnichenko A.B., Kornus O.G. The Modern Trends in Agriculture of Ukraine.

The article is analyzed the main indicators are characterizing agriculture in Ukraine. The current trends in crop and livestock production are outlined.


Pavlyuk S.М. Retrospective Research оf the Recreational Nature Management in Ivano-Frankovsk Region (XVI-XX Century).

The article focuses on the problems of reconditions establishment in recreation and tourism environmental management for example the territory of Ivano-Frankivsk region. The features of the development of recreation and tourism specialization.


Korniyko H.P., Leontyeva G.G. Tourist Attraction оf Small Towns оf Ukraine.

The article is highlights the small towns of Ukraine, their tourist attraction as well as the current state and future prospects for the development of recreational areas in them.


Malofieieva O.V. The Investment Attractiveness of Tourist in Kherson Region.

Kherson region, with it’s strong tourism and recreation facilities, is a very promising region. For realizing this potential, it’s necessary to organize various investment projects. Today some of these projects has already implemented.


Sydorenko G.Y. The Legacy of London Olympic Games 2012: What Remains After the Games?

The article is dedicated to legacy of London Olympic Games 2012. This work presents a description and classification of legacy. The purpose of the article is to identify what happens with the host city after the mega event finishes, how useful or useless are all venues that were built for Olympics, what is the economic and social impact of the event for people and the city itself.


Mikayilov A.M. Influence оf Endogenous Geological And Geomorphological Processes оn Desertification оf Landscapes оn Territories оf the Kurinsky Hollow.

In article materials of feature of differentiation of modern tectonic movements on landscapes surveyed territories, with research of their influence on desertification process were analysed. In the western part of tectonic plates and their positive structures were observed arid денудационные, and in east part of lowering salinization of various degree under the influence of the mineralized ground waters acting as the centers of desertification. 


Bersym I.O. Interpretation аnd Statistical Processing of Geological and Geophysical Data Probabilistic and Statistical Methods Using Computer-Aided Design for Example Factor Analysis in an Environment Mathcad.

This article reviews the main statistical functions, probability and statistical analysis methods in the primary processing of geological data and an example of using Mathcad environment in the interpretation of data in case of multiple correlation,factor analysis.


Sokolov A.S. The Analysis and Mapping of Spatially Inhomogeneous Distribution of Population of the Belarus.

The questions, related to the calculation of indexes, characterizing the degree of placing population evenness for territory of Belarus, and also approaches and methods of cartographic presentation of the obtained data, are examined in the paper. Such indexes, as correlation of the real and social population density, potential of the population separation field, fields of population density, centres of population gravity and other. The analysis of population placing is conducted for regions and the country as the whole.