Repository policy (policy for use of journal articles in institutional repositories)

SNSSPU is open access journals (i.e., they can be accessed free of charge on the Internet, and the scope and conditions for secondary use are clearly stated).
The “Repository Policy” refers to the policy of the authors of journal articles when they make them available on the internet, such as in institutional repositories. The SNSSPU decided on the following policy:

Articles Used
Only the publisher’s final version as well as final online publication version, which are post-review papers, are allowed to be used. The use of the final version of the author’s paper and the pre-review version are not permitted.
Permitted sites
1) Institutional repositories that are operated by domestic and foreign universities and non-profit research institutions.
2) Websites of research funding organizations that have provided support for the research of this article. 
3) Author’s Web site.
4) Non-commercial online thesis archives.